Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Vermont Trivia Challenge

Vermont for generations has stood for something different. A unique sense of place intermixed with beautiful nature throughout. Products that are Made in Vermont, are noted for high quality. It is a land of myth, lore and legend.

Vermont has a long and colorful past from which to draw upon for inspiration. During the first two major wars of the fledgling United States, a major theater of operations was the “silver dagger” of Lake Champlain.

Many times the course of United States History was shaped by events or persons from within the Green Mountain state. Vermont continues to be on the legal frontier with laws going before the U.S. Supreme Court that conflict with the U.S. Constitution.

1. The territory that was to become Vermont was originally claimed by what two states?
2. What was Vermont’s first Governor One-eyed Tom’s real name?
3. The Green Mountain Boy flag had 13 stars on a blue square in the corner, with the rest being this color?
4. This Vermonter captured Fort Ticonderoga in the name of “the Jehovah and the Continental Congress“, whose cannon and stores were sent to aid General Washington in Boston?
5. Ethan Allen died returning to his homestead in Burlington with a sled load of hay from his cousin Ebenezer’s place in this town?
6. This fort was built opposite Fort Ticonderoga on the Vermont side of Lake Champlain?
7. In Native American, what does Winooski mean?
8. This river was supposed to be named Lamotte, but someone forgot to cross the t’s?
9. The Vermont State bird is?
10. The Vermont State insect is?
11. The Vermont State flower?
12. This native american tribe inhabited the Vermont region long ago?
13. What year did Vermont become a state?
14. How many years did Vermont spend as an independent republic?
15. The northern most action of the civil war occurred here on October 19, 1964?
16. Where were a majority of Vermont’s troops committed to civil war action October 19, 1964?
17. Vermont recently took this large predator bird off of its endangered species list?
18. Proctor, Vermont is known for this stone industry?
19. This former Vermont governor ran for president but failed to receive his party’s nomination?
20. Barre, Vermont is known for this stone industry?
21. This is the USA’s eighth best Walleye fishery?
22. From what town in Vermont does Red Marble (Red Dolostone) come from?
23. Name one of Vermont’s three mountaintops that have alpine communities?
24. Black Marble like that at Radio City Music hall comes from what town?
25. Name an Island in Vermont’s inland sea?
26. What Canadian province is just north of Vermont?
27. Name a state park in Vermont’s northeast kingdom?
28. What Canadian seaway is just north of Vermont?
29. What compass direction does Lake Champlain flow?
30. Name of the british governor general who failed to destroy Benedict Arnolds fleet but shelled a small island in the pursuit?
31. This state is to the west of Vermont?
32. What runs from a maple tree?
33. This state is to the south of Vermont?
34. What do you turn maple sap into by boiling it?
35. The “Kingdom” is what compass point corner of Vermont?
36. What annual fishing derby is held on Lake Champlain during father’s day weekend?
37. St. Anne’s Shrine in Isle la Motte is the first site of one of these in Vermont?
38. Who led the Green Mountain Regiment at the Battle of Hubbardton?
39. This is the civil war commander from Addison county whose Vermont troops broke Pickett’s Charge at Gettysburg?
40. Started a thriving scale business in St. Johnsbury and was governor at start of civil war?
41. Was the largest causeway in the world until one opened on Lake Pontchartrain in the south?
42. This Native American tribe recently received state recognition in Vermont for the second time, the first time it was repealed by Governor Thomas Salmon?
43. Who was the first treasurer of the state of Vermont?
44. He won the battle of Plattsburg for the Americans during the war of 1812?
45. Name of Governor/General who failed to destroy Commodore MacDonough’s fleet during the war of 1812?
46. Man for whom Lake Champlain is named?
47. What year did Samuel D. Champlain discover Lake Champlain?
48. Number of years Vermont was an independent republic before becoming a United State?
49. What was the sum of money that finally persuaded the State of New York to give up its opposition to the new State of Vermont?
50. Benedict Arnold scuttled his fleet on shores of this county, Vermont’s wettest?
51. What is Vermont’s capital?
52. What was the name of the Allen families land speculation enterprise?
53. The Cabot Creamery is one of Vermont’s largest producers of this dairy product?
54. Beneath this peak on Vermont’s Long Trail is now a defunct asbestos mine?
55. This is Vermont’s only poisonous snake?
56. It is legal not to wear these in a Vermont State Park, but you must put them on if someone complains?
57. Recent energy projects in Vermont have made use of this farm waste, turning it into energy and compost?
58. Before the Civil War Vermont was dependent on sheep farming for this animal product?
59. Springfield Vermont is historically known for this type of industry?
60. The coming of this in Vermont ended an era of water-based commerce like the sailing canal boats on Lake Champlain?


1.New York and New Hampshire.
2.Thomas Chittenden.
4.Ethan Allen.
5.South Hero.
6.Fort Independence.
9.Hermit Thrush.
10.Honey Bee.
11.Red Clover.
12.Mohawk, Iroquois, Algonkquin, Soloki/Abenaki.
15.The St. Alban’s Raid
16.Winning the Battle of Cedar Creek, which is painted on the statehouse wall.
18.White Marble.
19.Howard Dean.
21.Lake Carmi.
23.Mount Mansfield, Camel’s Hump, Mount Abraham.
24.Isle La Motte at the Fisk Quarry.
25.Cedar, Fish Bladder, Kellogg, Savage, Woods, Knight, Dameas, Hen, Butler, Burton, Mosquito, Grand Isle, South Hero, North Hero.
27.Stillwater, Boulder beach, Ricker Pond, Seyon ranch, Maidstone, Brighton.
28.St. Lawrence.
30.Sir Guy Carleton, and the island became known as Carleton’s Prize.
31.New York.
34.Maple syrup/sugar.
36.The LCI or Lake Champlain International.
37.Catholic mission or French settlement.
38.Seth Warner.
39.George Stannard.
40.Erastus Fairbanks.
41.The Colchester/South Hero Fill.
43.Ira Allen.
44.Commodore Thomas MacDonough.
46.Samuel D. Champlain.
48.15 years.
49. $30,000
50.Addison County.
52.Onion River Land Company.
54.Belvidere Mountain.
55.Timber rattlesnake.
59.Machine tool.

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