Monday, April 23, 2007

The Last Rednalsi Post Ever, I Think

After a short life in the blog world, its time for rednalsi to move on. I've enjoyed it, and learned a few things. I just hate spending so much time at the computer when the weather is so beautiful outside. Too much gardening and nature to enjoy. Maybe I'll become a winter blogger. Who knows? Good luck to all and thanks to those who've checked out Rednalsi Of Vermont. Blog on.


Matt Crawford said...

Well, I hope you continue to post over at Vermont Field Journal.

I can appreciate where you're coming from.


J.D. Ryan said...

Sorry to see you go so soon. I know how it can be with the nice weather though. Hope you decide to come back soon.

verdemontis said...

Rednalsi, have you considered just blogging less often, as opposed to not at all? Maybe once or twice per week? Your posts can be very educational! Blogging can consume a lot of time. Hope to see you back in the future, this is a exceptional blogspot!