Friday, April 20, 2007

Stupidification Of America

The downfall of the public education system is that public schools must accept all students within their district. Totally unlike private schools who can pick and choose who they take. Not only are there more kids with disabilities than ever before, but also behavioral and emotional issues. This is why school budgets keep going up, requiring more and more taxes.

Essentially we are requiring our teachers and school administrators to not only lead the horse to water, but make it drink as well. Coupled with unfunded federal mandates such as No Child Left Behind, it puts our schools between a rock and a hard place. More time is being spent dealing with behavior, leaving less time for instruction. What results is what I call the stupidification of America.

It's hard to be positive when you spend more time trying to convince a kid why they need to learn math, than teaching how to do the problem. With more households having both partners work, kids are coming to school looking for attention they should be getting at home. We are asking schools to educate our kids, and double as substitute parents as well. Parental accountability is the heart of the issue.

I don't believe in losing civil liberties, but I don't believe everyone should be able to breed either. I know a couple who is getting divorced and putting their kids in a foster home, that's not right. Some end up foster homes or with relatives because parents are in prison. Then there's the kids having kids. A lot of these youth end up misguided, lacking direction and positive role models.

I submit that education issues are community issues that need to be solved by the community. Problem is these kids get bounced around from school district to district, never settling long enough to truly get an education. All while having negative impacts wherever they end up. The whole thing is a viscious cycle. Educators get burnt out, childeren's education is impaired, and the general public and taxpayers say enough is enough.

Fundamentally a solution needs to be sought to appease all. Most importantly is the future of our society, which first and foremost depends on our youth. If our kids lag behind, so will our country in the future. Kids today don't appreciate our history. Kids today seldom do homework. Kids today talk back to adults. Kids today, put down one another constantly. I fear for the future of America

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