Friday, April 27, 2007

Carbon Neutral Is A Scam, Go Plant A Tree!

Am I the only person who sees through this poop? Everyone's so worried about going carbon neutral, carbon credits and carbon dioxide causing global warming. Hello, trees take carbon dioxide out of the air an replace it with oxygen, an non-greenhouse gas. We don't need fancy companies to sell us carbon credits, or celebrities to sell us on the value of going carbon neutral. Plant some trees and shut up already! The fact is we've deforested so much of the earth that the trees that are left can't keep up. If people worldwide planted one tree for everyone they cut down, we wouldn't be in this mess in the first place. Although emissions from the burning of hydrocarbons (fossil fuels) did get us here quicker.

The value of a tree goes way beyond what importance humans may place upon it. Take a stroll through the woods sometime and you will see what I mean. A pile of evergreen cones shaved by a red squirrel here, the remnants of bitternuts and a gray squirrels cache there. The torn up ground under an oak tree where a deer was using its hooves to rake acorns. A big hollow up a dead tree where a raccoon has chosen to raise its family.

Every tree tells a story about the environment in which it resides. Stunted from lack of sun, or drowned by too much water. Witches broom from overbrowsing by deer and moose. Uprooted by wind an wet soils. Fire marks, and porcupine chewed. There are those that sprout various barbed wire out each side marking the edge of an old pasture.

Trees serve humans in many ways. They can be planted as windbreaks or for shade, depending if you want warm in winter or cool on summer. Fruit trees provide food and steady income for some. Others are planted to restore or preserve lake and streambanks. Trees give us clean air and quality lumber.

If anyone's bought lumber recently they understand the toll natural disasters take. Wood has to come from somewhere and if the supply doesn't go up, the prices will. I guess its what humans get for trying to create permanent fixtures in an impermanent, and everchanging world. This is why planting trees is important and demonstrates foresight.

If you plant a tree today its performing future community service. you are helping your kids, grandkids, and their kids, to have clean air in the future. Our forests act like big scrubbers taking in carbon dioxide, and releasing oxygen. Please plant a tree today and do some future community service.

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RobbKidd said...

The Problem is that there is too much of society chopping more than just one tree. We are chopping down a whole forest just so we can have that Big Mac. Carbon ofsetting just legalizes polluting.

Oh, yeah just keep writing you have an interesting perspective to the world around you, and it's better to have more opinions out there than just WCAX-tv's and The Free(cheap)Press's.