Friday, April 6, 2007

Blame Corportations For Unresponsive Government That Forgets The People

Our American society is like a runaway train. Everything is moving so fast we never have time to step back, and look at the big picture. We concentrate on our strengths so much we overlook our own weaknesses. It's time to re-asses Our own Central Intelligence Agency website confirms this; to see for yourself. We have the highest military expenditures of any nation in the world. We have the most number of incarcerated persons in the world. We also lead the world in illicit drug use.

There is a third world developing within the U.S. As the divide between wealthy and middle class grows, more working class families are becoming working poor. All a result of inflated costs of living, and high taxes due to out of control government spending.
Our government of by and for the people, has become a tool of the rich and powerful. Tax-cuts for the wealthy allow the rich to get richer at the expense of people who have work harder to earn a living. Our taxes pay for our government to use its military to make the world safe for American corporations. We trade soldiers lives for business overseas, that makes the rich, richer.

Where is the benefit to the common man? If the future of American industry is overseas, what is to be the future of the American people? What jobs can they expect to have in this outsourcing, do business at the lowest cost, world? Goods may get cheaper, but if Americans are without gainful employ, how will they be able to afford those goods?
I blame corporations for being greedy and pursueing the almighty dollar at any cost.

I blame our government for being unresponsive to the needs of the people. I blame politicians who vote based on party lines and special interest money, instead of their constituents desires.
I challenge politicians and government to fully fund education rather than spending all our money on defense. I challenge corporations and business to provide American workers with livable wages and meaningful employ. I challenge ALL Americans to end the cycle of voter apathy, and send a clear message to our government by voting in record turnouts.

It is time for change.

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Jamey said...

well stated. I think single payer (govt./tax funded) health care is the way to go to keep us worker bees working and not sick or on well fare. Many point to Canada and Europe as example why a Govt. funded health insurance can't work, but my friends over the years who live in these places say the system is great for all but elective (ie platic) procedures. Great burpout - i have only caught 2 in my life - almost as hidious as a bowfin.