Friday, April 6, 2007

For Positive Change Take Kids Fishing

Free fishing day is just around two months away. Fishing is such a worthwhile pasttime to introduce kids to. You've got the suspense element, never knowing what may bite your line. You've got the social part, chatting it up with others enjoying the same activity, You've got the thrill seeking element when the bobber dips under or you feel a tug on the line. You've got the planning/preparedness part when you dig worms, gather tackle and lines, and sharpen hooks. The icky part when you bait or take something off your hook.

Whether young or young at heart, everyone can enjoy fishing. There's no club dues, little skill involved, just a hook, line and bait and anyone can be an "expert". Fish are a renewable natural resource, especially if one practices catch and release. Fish can tell you about the health of the lake, from lamprey marks, to black spot, to yellow grubs, and that nasty sarcoma that affects Northern Pike.

Our state benefits from the money tournament and recreational fishing bring. The future of our aquatic ecosystems lies with youth who grow up respecting their delicate balance. Kids who understand why excess soap, wastes, and chemicals don't belong in our waterbodies.

I implore any and all, young and old alike, take a kid fishing. Its some of the best community service you can do. Help preserve our waterbodies, get a kid off the street, off the couch, away from the video game system. Help wrestle tomorrow's leaders from the grip of the television set, and affect positive change.

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Norman said...

I love to find people that share my compassion to pass on great traditions such as fishing with our young people of today. Great job.