Friday, April 6, 2007

Prepare Youth For Changing Future

It seems like man and nature are locked in a never-ending struggle. One tries to create permanence, the other is constantly changing and evolving. Nature is ruled by impermanence, its processes such as erosion, weathering, plate tectonics and wildfires, are but a few examples. For everything that is destroyed a new resource is created. Everything in nature is cycles with highs and lows, food is scarce populations dwindle, when plentiful, populations soar.

What seems to be chaos is really orderly fluctuations. Man has no fluctuations. Just onward and upward in what is termed exponential growth. When resources run out a population crash is to be expected. We need to get the message of sustainability to the kids now before it's too late. Youth today lack important connections that previous generations had the benefit of. Connections to the earth, their communities, and society in general.

They lack a sense of place, not knowing where they fit into the big picture. The kids are the future, it must start with them. Change happens from the ground up in the hearts and minds of our American youth. We need to instill in them a mindset that they are a valuable part of our communities. That their opinions and ideas are respected, and matter. Only our kids will be able to save us from ourselves. Please promote sustainability.

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