Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sorry, No Clinton Era Take 2 For Me

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So I already voted by absentee ballot, and no, I couldn't vote for Hillary. Our nation needs to move forward, not backward. We already had 8 years of a Clinton in office, anyone else remember what it was like? No, I'm not ready for Whitewater Gate 3, or Lewinsky Gate 4. Unfortunately that's what I akin her running to, a bad sequel.

When I look at where we are now, and how we got here, I really wonder. It seems to me the NAFTA Hillary's husband signed into law did more harm than good. I guess that's really the only place I let Bush off the hook. The job's began headed out of the US before he took office, of course, did he do anything to stop it? Stem the tide? No, I feel the Clintons deserve some of the blame as well.

I realize she was only the first lady then, and she wasn't running the country, or was she? Sure seems like she wears the pants in that family, so that would mean she'd bare part of the responsibility. As far as I'm concerned NAFTA was the plug that was pulled, that allowed the slow drain of jobs from our economy. Maybe if the focus of her campaign was to undo NAFTA and the bad things her husband and Bush did, I'd be a little more inclined to listen to her. But so far, and we're late in the season, I'm hearing nothing new.

At least with Obama his message of change resonates, and he's not afraid to speak his mind. Talking about climate change, jobs and green energy he's at least talking about heading in a positive direction. I'm still apprehensive of putting all my eggs in his basket, but between him, McCain, and Hillary, I'll take the chance on Obama. This country needs a new direction, and a change from the old guard. Hopefully Obama will be the champion he purports to be.

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