Sunday, February 3, 2008

"Super" America


Over the last week I've been bombarded by adds and commentary, about the Super Bowl, and Super Tuesday. Everything's super this week, including the savings on a big new TV for the game. Super savings at the grocery store on the food you'll need to sustain the super long period you'll be glued to the TV for the game.

Everything's just super, but how much is it really? The America that's supposed to be the hope of the world has its problems. How super is it that there are kids that go to bed hungry in the U.S.? How super is it that most Americans can barely pay their bills, let alone put some money into savings for the future? How super is it that we can't balance our needs for energy and economics with the needs of the natural world?

You know what'd be super? If America really was the greatest place to live in the world. If other nations admired and looked up to us, instead of laughing at the most recent debacle we've gotten ourselves into. If the United States became the super nation it was destined to be before somewhere along the way we got sidetracked. What'd be super is if we were again the envy of the world. We're supposed to be its hope, the land of the free.

We've almost decided on the candidates for the next president, and still I have yet to really hear any good plan as to what they will do to make America super again. Just super!

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