Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Latest In Campaign, I Mean Primary 2008

Yee-Ha, Whoopee... The big day has passed, Super Tuesday. The so called closest thing to a national primary. Where did it get us? Clinton and Obama are still neck and neck, and we're from a clear winner.

Just think of the money being spent in these campaigns. Where does it all come from, and could it be spent a little more wisely? Show me a candidate who donates their war chest to relieve the national debt, or builds jobs for the U.S. and that's the person I'll vote for.

At this point we still haven't heard a good plan to pull us out of the toilet. All it's been is I'm not Obama, and I'm not Hillary. They talk, give speeches, and debate. I just really don't have a good feel for what they're gonna do other than not be another Bush. Not that that's not a good direction, but it'd be nice to know what we're getting into.

I'm still waiting for change, I don't know what form it will take.

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Aurelia said...

Honestly, I dont think any of the canidates will do grand things for our country! No matter how long they have been in an elected office, they are all corrupt. And with the electoral college still in place, there is no representation. Let the people make the decision! During "Super Tuesday", the electoral votes were not even the same as what the primary voters voted on! So why have primaries? To confuse the public more? At what risk is this to our country? To our citizens? To those whose pocket books cannot begin to compete? Stand up and be counted!