Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Someone Please Tell Me Why

I just don't understand why people risk their's and everyone elses neck. Today we had a winter weather event in Vermont, commonly called snow. Then all heck breaks loose and you see the best and worst of people. You see strangers help pull others out of ditches, and giving stuck cars a shove. Shovelling walkways and the like.

Then there's the "I need to get to work on time" crew, and I'm going to get there at all costs. You know, the ones that fly down the interstate grossly exceeding road conditions. It puts everyone else at risk, and for what?

You knew the storm was coming, why couldn't you get your butt out of bed a couple minutes sooner? Why'd you wait till last minute instead of giving yourself time?

Smarten up! You and everyone else will live longer if you slow down a bit. Even with four wheel drive, your vehicle can't go THAT fast on snowy icy roads. Watch for me, I'll be the one waving to your sorry butt as I drive by when you're stuck in the ditch.

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