Friday, July 11, 2008

What Happened To Red?

The answer is actually two fold.

First, he stopped being scared. He stopped worrying about Uncle Sam cracking down on him for telling it like it is. He stopped being anonymous. His words come from a real someone and those words need to be heard.

Secondly his name was stolen. The black hat he always wore with "REDNALSI" in brite red letters out in public was his own undoing. One of the editors of the local ISLANDER paper saw the hat and got inspired. Low and behold, on April 1st, the April Fools spoof issue of the ISLANDER paper bore the name REDNALSI.

Until such day as Red wins the lottery and can start his own REDNALSI paper, and call his April 1st issue the I.SLANDER, Red will be no more.

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