Saturday, January 5, 2008

VT Fish and Wildlife Spoiled My Ice Fishing!

Think ice fishing in Vermont is as simple as grabbing some gear and bait and going? You’d certainly be wrong this year. Vermont Fish and Wildlife has enacted a rule that they hope to have the legislature approve as law this session. Certainly not something written for the average Vermonter.

It’s very confusing and leaves a person with nothing but questions. I was only able to glean several things from it myself. There is to be NO PERSONAL BAITFISH COLLECTION. Nothing like making people have to go buy bait, fishing used to be a poor mans sport. How can a minnow on the approved species list, caught in Lake Champlain, be bad for use as bait in Lake Champlain?

KEEP YOUR RECEIPT for your bait with you. But don’t forget that it’s only GOOD FOR 48 HOURS. No longer do you just have to remember your license, but lose or forget that receipt for your bait and you’re fined. Now you have to run to the baitshop and wait in line like everyone else in the morning. THE MINNOWS MUST BE DESTROYED WHEN YOU LEAVE THE ICE, no more bringing them home and using them tomorrow.

Fish and Wildlife is all up in arms about this new fish disease that they think might be coming, or might already be here. It seems more like a knee jerk reaction to me. If it’s here, it’s here, and there’s not much we can really do about it. Who will want to buy a license, go wait in line, and still be afraid they didn’t dot their i’s and cross their t’s. The department is likely to strong arm this into law by “educating” legislators on the issue, stand up to the propaganda.

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