Sunday, January 6, 2008

Pax Americana

Ode to years of history long gone by, for our republic countless Americans have died. Many of whom were better countrymen than I, this is why its important to try. To chart a course for the future, we must understand our past. Thank those before you that our nation has no caste. Proudly honor those who serve in air, on land, and under mast.

Bravery and resolve preserve the freedoms we cherish. Without the political framework we embrace, our way of life would perish. Our nations best defense is a strong offense? Invading other countries for National Security is not a good pretense. It makes others fear we seek to rule the world in the imperial sense. Places the whole world on guard, and makes diplomacy tense. Return to isolationism may be the way, wrap the U.S. in a fence.

Rugged individualism, pull yourself up by your bootstraps? What about the American childeren who go hungry, starving for food scraps? Worry about Americans first, Foreign Policy is a corporate trap. Our great nation is on the wrong road, time to get a new map. Instead of iron fist, lets rule with a light tap. Time is short with none to waste, always struggling to make haste. Like a turkey in the oven though, it needs a baste. Everything by process leaves the right taste.

Relax, take it slow, have fun. No need to drown from a weight on your chest. Just strive to always do your best. People who take themselves too seriously are a bit ridiculous!

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