Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Jumping Ahead To The 2008 Presidential Election...........

.....I still have to wonder about what part the electoral college will play in the outcome. Here we are over 200 years later and still one person's vote does not count the same as another's. The state you reside in being the deciding factor. Are we not one nation?

We fought a war to be one nation. We've fought many wars as one nation. We are all Americans. More than this though it's a simple matter of numbers. A candidate may have more Americans vote for them, but because of the electoral college, lose the election. If more people in the United States voted for a candidate, they should be president. That is true democracy.

Its too bad the constitution has no provision for emergency constitutional conventions. Suspend the electoral college, make the 2008 election by popular vote. Yeah, that'll happen.... It's almost like the framers intended to make a constitutional convention timeframe prohibitive. They understood humanity well. Make it a difficult and time consuming process and they'll lose interest.

So we're stuck with it. The residents of some states votes do count more than others. These will continue to be "key" states for candidates to campaign and spend money in. I really do feel this is a black eye on our American democracy. In this day and age we can and should do better.

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