Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Fungus Among Us

So while I'm back at it, as fall progresses so does the annual mushroom season. You know, not the trippy kind, but the legal and legitimate edibles that you find growing in the woods. We've had a bit or rain as of late and it could stimulate a bunch of fruiting bodies. Do Not Eat Mushrooms.

Now I have no guilt harvesting and eating mushrooms because for me its like eating apples off a tree. The mycorhizae are like the underground tree, its not really destroying anything but seeds. I have a tendency to wander the forest and watch the ground as I walk a lot. I discovered fungi a few years ago. But to everyone else I say; Do Not Eat Mushrooms.

Fall is peak time for Oyster Mushrooms and Boletes, and especially my favorites; the puffball family. Do Not Eat Mushrooms. But I do.

Giant puffballs are those huge white semi-globes that pop up in fields and woodlands. If you cut across it entirely and its milky white, with NO YELLOW, I grill it. Cut it into huge steaks, but do not marinate, it ruins. Just grill it with a little steak seasoning though.

Gem-Studded Puffballs I usually find growing around rocks in colonies. They are again milky white, but shaped like a hot ait balloon from the side. Their tops are rough, and almost like they've been sprinkled with a white grit. Slice them up with a little butter and cook in a pan. My favorite is on the grill in aluminum foil.

Always check the stem, bottom, and wash the mushroom. Don't and you'll know why.

Do Not Eat Mushrooms.

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